Best Bark Collar For The Money – 2016 Reviews And Rankings

The first step to fining an appropriate / the best dog bark control collar is to understand what it is and how it functions. The next is to determine which one functions best for your needs and the value of your hard earned dollar, which can be best accomplished by reading our bark collar reviews. To help you out, though, below are what I consider the top 4 best bark collars for the money:

Top 4 Bark Collars

Bark CollarDog SizeCorrection TypeBark DetectionWarranty
Petsafe Big Dog Bark Collar

Petsafe Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

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40 lbs. and over, up to 28" neckStatic correctionVibration & sound detection

My Review
One year labor, lifetime parts
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar

PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control

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Up to 55 lbs., up to 16"Static correctionVibration & sound detection

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1 year, limited
PetSafe Gentle Spray Collar

PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar

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Up to 20" neck sizeCitronella sprayVibration & sound detection

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One year limited warranty
SportDOG NoBark 10R Collar

SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Collar

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From 6" to 28" neckStatic correctionVibration & sound detection

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1 year

Definition and Uses

Bark control collars (also known as bark control or “no bark” collars) are designed to correct barkcollar1your dog’s barking behavior. They are created to train him/her when it is and is not appropriate behavior. Dog bark collars have evolved somewhat and the responsible companies have used advancements in technology to design collars that may be used as training devices for several types of behaviors.

There are three basic styles of bark control collars. One type uses a spray liquid formula that contains citronella. Canines find this scent extremely annoying and it works fairly well to control most canine’s habit of incessant barking. The second type of bark control collar emits a low level shock or static that startles the animal. The last style is one that emits a sound only audible to animals.

Detection/Activation Features

When your dog barks it activates the control device on his/her collar. This could be an audible detection and the device emits either a citronella formula spray, a low level static correction, or high frequency correction. Some bark control collars are designed with a vibration detection and the correction is only activated by the vibration in your dog’s throat when he/she barks. There is a third type which features both an audible and a vibration detection. Those that offer both types of detection are best. In the case that only one will be chosen, the vibration detection is recommended. This eliminates most all accidental corrections as this collar with only emit a correction when your dog barks and not when other do.

Types of Correction

There are generally three basic types of correction for dog bark collars. A citronella bark control collar emits a short, fine mist spray when your canine barks. Most sprays contain a small amount of citronella; however there are some that contain a certain amount of lemon or eucalyptus. The container that contains the formula is easily refillable.

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell and they find these two scents extremely offensive.barkcollar2 Most dogs will stop barking because they wish to avoid them. The FDA as found no toxicity levels in the amounts of these chemicals that bark control collar manufacturers use. This applies to both animals as well as humans.

Another type of correction to control barking is ultrasonic. This device emits a high frequency sound only audible to animals, especially canines, when your dog barks. This noise cannot be heard by humans and is offensive to dogs. It is an effective deterrent for barking of most canines. The sound only annoys your dog and is not harmful to his/her health or hearing.

One of the most popular types of bark collars emits a low level shock or static correction. Many have different levels of correction that increase as your dog continues to bark. Some feature a memory and level setting control as well. With memory control the device starts emission at the last level that stopped your dog’s barking. The manual setting control is a very effective feature. The pet parent may set the correction device on the level they believe is best for their fur baby. The static emitted is not dangerous and will not harm our baby.

Level Settings

barkcollar3Dog bark control collars have several settings to choose from. You should decide which is best for each of your individual canines. One style has automatic levels from about five to ten. One that has ten levels, for example, will increase in intensity through all ten with each successive bark until he/she stops. Some are designed with memory recording. This means that it will begin emissions on the level that was successful in stopping your dog from barking last.
There are bark control collars available that have an owner’s manual setting. This means dog parents can choose which level they believe is best for their specific animal. Most of these design also feature options of automatic correction succession, memory setting, or may be set by pet parents in one collar.

Static, spray, and high frequency versions are all available with these setting options, but it is less common for spray collars to feature level options. It is very important to thoroughly research and understand these features before making a purchase. Be sure to choose the one that is most appropriate for your furry friend’s temperament, health, and intelligence.

Always investigate any safety features. Many types of bark control collars, especially those with static correction, have an auto shut off safety features. If your pup continues to bark more than 15 times in 50 to 90 seconds, depending upon that specific collar design, the correction device automatically shuts down for approximately three minutes.

While this is a very reassuring design feature, it is crucial not to leave your animal unsupervised while he/she is wearing the correction device in case of a malfunction.

Power Supply

There are generally three type of power supplies for dog bark control collars. The first two types of correction devices use replaceable batteries. Some use alkaline batteries while others use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are best between these two because they have a longer life. The third type of power used for these collars is rechargeable batteries.

Of the available three this is the absolute best choice. There is no need to spend money on or run out for replacements. The charging adapter may simply be plugged into an ordinary household electrical outlet in order to recharge these batteries. Never recharge or replace batteries while your canine is wearing the collar.

Safety and Precautions

Dog bark collars are safe and effective methods for animals that are of appropriate age and in good health. Pet parents know their fur babies and what is best for them. For example, animals that go on hunting trips should wear bark collars that are water proof.

Many are water proof as well as water resistant; however, your animal should always be supervised while wearing the collar. Most all of these types of collars are hand washable, or at least the base collar is, but it must be removed before washing. Make sure all parts have thoroughly dried before reassembling the collar and replacing it around your dog’s neck.

There are a few general precautions that should be kept in mind. Dog bark control collars must never be used on puppies below the age of six months. Puppies are exactly like human babies experimenting and testing new experiences. Using bark control collars on young canines may severely inhibit their learning processes.

Never use bark control collars on dogs that are in poor health, whether physical or psychological. These collars can increase discomfort in aging or debilitated canines. It may also inhibit the healing process of animals that are healing from illness or injury. Bark control collars may cause aggressive dogs to become hostile. They can also increase anxieties in extremely nervous dogs. It is never recommended that this type of collar be used on an abused rescue animal.

Do not use a dog bark control collar on any other species of animal, especially felines. Using this type of collar on your cat may result in extremely undesirable or even violent behavior. It is crucial that you purchase the right size collar for your fuzzy friend. One that does not fit properly may not correct his/her barking. A collar that does not fit correctly is an extremely dangerous hazard to your dog’s health and safety.

Appropriate Sizing

Use a craft or cloth tape measure to determine the size of your dog’s neck. A string may be used instead and the string itself may be measured using a construction measuring tape.
It is important that you add about two inches to this measurement to find the correct collar size. The width is also essential. A one inch width is recommended for large canines, three fourths inch for medium dog breeds, and half inch for smaller breeds.

Ensure that two fingers may be comfortably placed between your dog’s neck and the collar. Any collar should fit snuggly, but leave enough room for your baby to be comfortable. Always replace base collars for dog bark control collars with ones recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your dog.


Dog bark control collars are safe and effective when they are used under appropriate conditions. Barking can be a nuisance to families and neighbors. These collars are an inexpensive and humane measure of correcting that behavior. The most important element when considering the purchase of a bark control collar is who your dog is. You know what will work best for your fur baby.

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